Jungian Analysis & Psychotherapy

Yuriko Sato MD

Bern & Zürich

Introducing myself

I am a Zürich-trained Jungian Analyst and also a Swiss-licenced Psychotherapist in private practice in Switzerland. I studied medicine and worked as a psychiatrist in Japan until 2007.

I mostly work in English (fluent) and Japanese (mother tongue), and I speak and understand high German reasonably well.

You can read more about me and my professional memberships and activities here.

Analysis & psychotherapy

Sometimes events, relationships, or situations trouble and disturb us.

People consult me when they feel depressed, lost, anxious or unsettled. They may suffer from panic attacks, sleeping or eating problems, compulsive behaviour or psychosomatic problems. Some struggle with relationships, life changes, cultural differences, identity crises and so on, or simply want to understand themselves better. Find out more about my practice here.

Getting in touch

You are welcome to come for an exploratory session to see if the kind of analysis and psychotherapy that I offer is what you are looking for. This initial meeting is free of charge and without obligation to start if it doesn't feel right for you.

I can be contacted via this page, alternatively you can email me directly here or phone me.



We generally have a face-to-face conversation just as two people usually talk together. A session typically lasts 60 minutes, and we would aim to meet once or twice every one to two weeks.

However, the duration and frequency of sessions can be varied to take the nature of your issues and your personal circumstances into account. I have a professional obligation to uphold strict confidentiality about all consultations.

Jungian (Analytical) psychology

My approach is based on the psychology of the Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung (1875-1961), in which psyche is not merely what we think in our head and feel in our heart. Each individual's psyche has a unique path to follow in its unfolding (individuation).

Jungian analysis and psychotherapy trusts and fosters this process to offer you a better and bigger picture of yourself and your life so that you appreciate yourself more and your life reveals its deeper meaning.

Fees and health insurance

The cost of consultations is another important factor in your decision whether to proceed. I will therefore discuss fees as well as possible scheduling with you in our initial exploratory meeting.

Psychotherapy may be at least partially covered by supplemental health insurance; the terms and extent of cover will depend on your insurance policy.